WE ARE GABBA's An official D.G.R. Event.

An official D.G.R. Event.

Where do we start?..

Maybe with the Definition of the word "GABBER" ?..

Or should i mention the fact that we've already survived all those years; Back then people were stating that our kind wouldn't last for long,...

Not so long ago some even believed us to be death or simply not existing anymore... BUT GUESS WHAT !?..

We became more closer then ever before, we grew and evolved into an overwhelming mass with a variety of new and old generations, each gappie totally different from the other,... we might have our differences but ONE thing will always remain the same...

The unbreakable love for the hardcore in all their forms & the real friendship between all of us....

That's why we've came up with this idea to organize a series of BIG EVENTS, Featuring BIG NAMES of HUGE STARS.

LIVE and ON AIR @ your #1 online radio station on this world...

>>> D. G. Radio <<<

Corona madness outdoors? Just STAY@HOME, KEEPSAFE and Turn up ya speakers... Cuz we're bringing this beloved music to YOU !!

Gabbers4Gabbers ♥ Together We Are Strong...



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